Hire 2D Animator

2D is the  is user-friendly and powerful development engine use to create 2D animation its only creates movement in a two-dimensional artistic space. Working on  2D animation requires both creativity and technological skills. 2D animation focuses on creating characters, storyboards and backgrounds in two-dimensional environments.

2D animation programs often include both artistic and technical classes in topics such as:

  • Character design
  • Life drawing techniques
  • Digital animation
  • Digital video
  • Stop motion animation
  • Web animation

Our 2D animators can:

  • Develop storyboards
  • Design characters
  • Arrange characters and items in a scene
  • Use computers to create graphics, motion and animation
  • Edit animations based on feedback from a director or client

We do use Synfig for 2d Animation, Synfig is a free, open source program for 2D animators that offers a powerful suite of tools that can be used to make anything from quick motion graphics to cinema quality animation.