Project Description is website for discount coupons and Cashback Rewards for user. Here you can see all features like coupons sorting with affiliate store, price, offers and product display. Here Admin also get all control to add coupons, offers, discount price product with user’s info and Admin can see all transaction about users through admin section. User have his own dashboard to see all his transaction and buying product record with his rewards points and have redeem his reward points to any affiliate store product provided by site owner.

This system is fully automated in Core PHP and the fronted has design & developed using HTML5.

Our mission is to provide an online platform for our customers that changes the way they shop by giving them a highly rewarding and cheapest shopping experience, right from buying a cap to a footwear, or a cell phone to a earphone, and also helping them save money through discount coupons and Cashback Rewards for every purchase they make.