ASP.Net Web Development Services

Understanding the Advantages of Asp.Net

The Latest .NET Framework version  Service Pack 1 includes enhancements for ASP.NET in targeted areas. The new features for improved Web development are included in Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express also include enhancements.

Improved support for developing AJAX-enabled Web sites and support for Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) prove the flexibility of the .NET .

The Advances Include:

  • New server controls and types

  • New object-oriented client type library
  • Full IntelliSense support in Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express for working with ECMA Script (JavaScript or JScript).

You can create a static HTML page (.htm or .html file), the server fulfils a Web request by reading the file and sending it as-is to the browser along with this ASP.NET Web pages allow you to create dynamic content for your Web application. In contrast, when someone requests an ASP.NET Web page (.aspx file) in actual web page runs as a program on the server. While the page is running, we can perform any task which is require by website, As its output, the page dynamically produces mark-up and sends this dynamic output to the browser back.

Latest ASP.Net MVC Developments

Recent developments on ASP.Net have brought the next generation platform known as ASP.Net MVC. With the MVC (Model View Controller) ASP.Net just got much stronger and flexible. Web applications developed with ASP.Net MVC have proven to be more lightweight, resourceful and flexible. This has been used in sophisticated web applications conforming to the latest web standards. Being compatible with HTML5, ASP.Net MVC also helps in easy development of web platforms and dynamic websites that are mobile device friendly.

At Sarps Technologies we offer innovative ASP.Net solutions using frameworks, ASP.Net MVC,  SharePoint and other tools like DotNetNuke. With the experts minds and the right technology we can help you stay once step ahead of the competition.