VPS Stands for Virtual Private Server. As the Name suggests, it’s a Virtually Designed Private server.
Let’s dig some more deep into VPS and its functions.
So if you are aware of how Shared and Reseller Hosting works, it would be easier for you to understand what a VPS is, however here’s a small overview.
Virtual Private server is a small portion of a large (Dedicated server) which is virtually separated using software, technically called as Virtualization. Creating a VPS does not require hardware (RAM, CPU, and Disk Space) of its own but is created using the hardware of the dedicated server.

Let’s consider a scenario: -

Aaron has a computer with very high resources like 16GB RAM, 8 Cores of CPU and 200 GB of Disk Space, however, Aaron Does not use it completely. So what Aaron can do is, with Virtualization technology (Software) he can convert his single Computer into 4 Virtual Computers so he can rent the other 3 which creates additional revenue of Aaron.
So with this Technology Aaron can Create 4 Virtual computers, Each computer will now have 4 GB RAM, 2 Cores Of CPU and 50 GB of Disk Space, All this from the original Computer Hardware Resources. This is basically how a VPS is created. The only Difference is that it’s not like a normal computer, but it’s a computer which is placed in a secured Data Center with high Internet connectivity so you can access it from anywhere in the World.
VPS gives you the opportunity to choose which Operating system to use, like if you want Windows, Linux, Ubuntu or any other according to your requirement.

Now let’s see who all can benefit using a VPS.

A VPS can be beneficial for a bit advanced users.

Web Developers

Developers who develop websites on regular basis and also offer web hosting the sites as a part of their package.


Bloggers with multiple blogs with High Traffic websites can benefit from VPS as its cost effective, VPS does not cost as much as a Dedicated server but gives you an environment of a dedicated server so you can have full access of the VPS and also your sites are not penalized due to others mistake as it happens on Shared Servers.

Small Scale Hosting Business

Individuals who run a web hosting business but have not scaled it very high, who have a few customers and also wish to give Reseller package access to his client’s, such people would benefit immensely from VPS.

Software & App Developers

Software’s and Applications might require a Dedicated environment but not as high resources as a dedicated server, this is where VPS plays an important role in cost cutting, offering you almost the same environment as a dedicated server.

Key Benefits of VPS


More flexibility and resources than a Shared Hosting Package


Better security and customized firewall features..


Better customization vpss.


Root access of the server.


Requires minimum Technical Knowledge


Automatic standard Configuration

In case of a VPS, Most Web Hosting companies provide managed support services, though there are exceptions depending on the Pricing and structure of the company.
Hostripples provides managed support services for VPS. They also provide control panels like Cpanel/WHM and Plesk for ease of functionality.
If you have any questions about VPS, Please call us or initiate a live chat with one of our support admins, we are live 24/7.

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